Fate's Fables - T. Rae Mitchell This book was everything I have been missing in the YA scene. It has the imagery and the story line of a great fantasy novel. I have not read anything this imaginative since Lord of the Rings or even Harry Potter. Yes, you know how much I love Harry Potter. The book is so beautifully and creatively written that I was lost in the story the minute I started. The paperback is 478 pages so it's long but it is well worth the time.

Here are my quick words of wisdom about the story: The first two chapters are a sort of prologue to Fate's story. It was a bit confusing and choppy but once those two chapters are over it is smooth sailing. Also, some younger readers may not appreciate this writing style because it is not a quick story like so many are in the current YA scene but this is a writing style I really appreciate.

In a reader's world, there is not much to time to do any re-reading but I will be rereading this story again and again. Already can't wait until Fate's Keep!

My favorite interaction between Fate and Finn:
Tears stung her eyes as she shook her head, "If you're trying to say you're leaving me again, I'll just follow. You're stuck with me, buster. Just think of me as barnacle...or one of those suckerfish. Better yet, duct tape."