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First I would like to say that I couldn't wait to get started with this book because I had read Shine by Myracle. I fell in love with Shine due to Myracle's ability to paint beautiful, but terrifying pictures with her words. I did not expect any less from this book.

This book would definitely be categorized as YA romance, as nearly the whole book is based off the incredibly fast and consuming relationship of Wren and Charlie. Their steamy, first-love relationship takes over 3/4 of the book with not much left for the ending. The sex scenes are very frank and might I add not that appropriate for YA readers. While it is categorized as YA, The Infinite Moments of Us has sex scenes that are very Adult, and I would personally not recommend this to my high school students. However, I am sure most of them have read worse than this content.

I felt the ending was a sort of an after thought in the book. I was 90% done with the novel before anything major really happened. In that 10% Myracle had to resolve the major conflict and end the book. The relationship of Wren and Charlie overshadowed so much of what was good about the book. I loved that Wren was able to take charge of her life and become someone she wanted to be and not take the exact path her parents had made for her. I also loved that Wren was able to look at a guy like Charlie and see past his troubled upbringing and not turn him into a "make his life better" project. The book had wonderful execution at points and then terrible the next. Entirely a let down compared to her other novel, Shine.