Earthbound - Aprilynne Pike Original Review:

Aprilynne Pike has crafted a story so unique and mysterious that you wonder where the spiral is going to lead. Twists and turns around every corner made it a can't-stop-even-for-bedtime read. By the end of the story I was completely invested in Tavia's journey and loved her character. BUT, I did not find the world building in this book as strong as the world she created in Wings. This could be due to the fact that Tavia doesn't really know who or what she is for most of the story. Now, let's talk romance!

Love Triangles, Love Triangles, Love Triangles!!!!
This love triangle isn't your typical Bella-Edward-Jacob, it isn't just about who looks better without a shirt, it deals with the fate of the world. I don't want to give away any good details but I was definitely rooting for the librarian, though he is not exactly what he seems to be. I should have known. A cute male librarian seems too good to be true... or is it?

This book combines all of the elements to make a dang good story. It is a page turner that doesn't leave many questions unanswered at the end, thank you Aprilynne Pike. That being said, every good answer leaves a trail to new questions. The first book was very good but it sets up to have a strong second book of the series.