Black Wings - Christina Henry Link to Original Review:

Black Wings is a fresh take in the fantasy genre. Madeline the main character is an agent of death whose job it is to escort souls into the afterlife. I have not decided if she should be considered a grim reaper or an angel of death. It doesn't really matter because I have not read much mythology/paranormal like this in the current YA fiction genre so I thought this would be a great Stepping out of Your Element book. It is a quick read with some witty parts and does not contain a love triangle! Sometimes just one man is enough!

The setting of this novel is in Chicago! It is so fun knowing the area where the book takes place. It provides a unique connection that I do not usually get with other books. There are so many times that I have wanted to visit Shreveport, Forks, or even Hogwarts! Well duh, who doesn't want to visit Hogwarts.

The main character Maddy is thirty-two years old but acts like a teenager. While most might be unnerved with this, her character felt normal because I read so much YA. She is impulsive and does not take herself seriously, sounds like a YA character to me! However, I am sure that she will mature in the next books!

My only negative with the book is the names of the bad guys. The names are all really unique and I got confused each time a bad guy attacked someone. It took me to near the end to connect the bad guy dots. I am not saying bad guys need to have easy names like BOB but the names definitely slowed me down a bit.